Hello and welcome! This is a W.I.P. Index for all of the written works of mine available on Dragon Press. If you’d like to remind me that I forgot to update it, come and join the Dragon Press Discord Server, and shoot me a message!

Quick note: If any of the chapters/parts don’t have a working link, that means that the writing hasn’t yet been uploaded

“Lor Astazor” is a temporary name for my base universe of operation. Most of my works will tie into the laws of this world, even if they’re not in this section of the page. What laws you ask? Well, the basic laws of physics for once, plus the addition of a special energy system present in every living being. Some have more than others, using the energy to do magic, compensate for biological needs, or even pretend to be gods. But explaining every detail would ruin the fun in exploring the worlds, so let’s move on into the writing itself.

Lor Astazor 1 – The first ‘book’ to be written in the setting, it follows an immensely powerful dragon and an extraterrestrial scientist as they help an alien race after a catastrophe of interstellar proportions.

Length: Each chapter is usually around 3 000 – 4 000 words.
Updates: Every month on the 12th.

These are short, rigidly structured pieces centered around, well, being a representation of how a draconic mythology could take shape. I put my heart and soul into these little things, so they will be uploaded when I get and develop an idea.

Length: Currently the only written myth is 590 words long.

Royal Affairs
– A short series about diplomacy between the kingdom of Brown Dragons, and Red Dragons. Made for, and featuring the art of, an artist friend.

Length: Each part is between 600 and 1 300 words, with the whole series being 5587 words total.