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Two dragons walked through the dark forest, their snouts hidden underneath dark
green hoods. Even though there has been peace for years now, Orneal has still felt uneasily
going this deep into the reds territory.

“I’ve seen the royal child today,” he said to break up the silence.

“The mixed abomination?” His partner asked, his voice drenched with disgust

“Yes, looks like a smaller version of his father, save for the red membrane on his
wings,” he paused as he recalled the small prince. “Grown quite a bit too, his horns are
starting to have the signature curvature of Ruby royals.”

“Any signs of weakness that would come from such an unruly mixture?”

“Not in the slightest, looks like any other normal kid would,” he paused feeling the
deathly glare given to him by his acquaintance. “Not saying he is normal, just that there is
nothing we could use against him.”

The other dragon nodded as they reached a small, hidden meadow that was their
destination. In there, a pair of dragons was already waiting, both hiding themselves under
their clothing just as they did.

“You’re late,” the leader of their small group spoke with disappointment rather than
anger. “It’s disrespectful to be late to a meeting you organize yourself”

“You called this meeting?” The dragon that accompanied him on the way here turned
his head towards him so fast, that the hood flew up revealing his red scales for a split second.
Or were they ruby? It was impossible to tell in the middle of the night.

“Yes, for I have some grave news from the brown territories. King Zelnsith and prince
Ahnu’ur have both been crushed by an avalanche when out hunting in the Kar’nith
mountains,” it was difficult not shedding a tear at the loss of such a wise ruler, but he had to
play the part, continuing with a careless tone. “The news just reached us and has not yet
been shared with the public, but it is only a matter of days.”

“Did sharing this really require meeting in this remote place?” The leader asked, sitting
down on the wet grass.

“The news alone, no, however we can use it to bring Lord Foguarth one step closer to
being in power,” the three dragons instantly stiffened, realizing the nature of the meeting. “We
know that princess Sannathria had to have cared for her forced husband – so much so they
committed a crime against what’s natural, creating Yintul in the process,” he made a gagging
sound, not even considering the mixed child worthy of being called a prince. “It would come
as a shock, but not as a surprise if she were to commit another horrendous crime, ending her
life in the aftermath of having lost a loved one,” It felt wrong even saying that, but it seems it
could’ve been the truth.

“What if she won’t?” The dragon that accompanied him on the way here spoke up “If
anyone would learn of us attempting to push her into the depths of despair so that she
breaks, we’ll all be executed.”

Orneal was impressed with how well his red co-conspirator avoided saying they want
the death of Sannathria. “We’ll make sure she will do it, whether she actually wants to or not,”
he stated coldly. “We know that His Highness Kersoth hasn’t had much luck in terms of
producing more offsprings. If his only daughter was to be out of the picture, his reign could be
over after he passes.”

“This is why you wanted him to come,” the leader pointed at the silent dragon next to
him. Beneath that hood was undoubtedly Chleroth, one of the most knowledgeable dragon
herbalists, thankfully on their side.

“Indeed, can you make sure her passing is swift and painless? And done in a way that
she’d be able to do herself?”

“I will have it ready by noon,” he said calmly after a moment of hesitation. “But as much
as we may avoid him, prince Yintul has rightful ownership to the throne. I will upfront say that I
will not take part in plotting against an innocent child, as hideous as it may be. It was its
parents who made it this way, and it has no fault in it.”

“I doubt he’s a threat. With brown’s king gone, he’s the one that will take the reins,
since his brothers moved on to other regions,” as he spoke he hated what he was saying.
Having an abomination on the throne would bring bad luck to the kingdom, but he was the
rightful owner to the throne. Hopefully it would change once Foguarth would seize control of
the reds, resuming the paused war. “Besides, I’ve seen the way His Majesty looks at his
grandson. He would prefer for lord Foguarth to reign in his place.”

“Can’t say I blame him…”

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