A quick poem I put together for my friend Doodle/Paenkeks, with her two Hollow Knight OCs. The art at the end of this was made by her.

221 words

Oh, how they come and go,
It has always been so.

One by one they arrive.
To each, I give my advice
In hope they might survive.

A sickness grips this land,
Its grip that of vice,
An ancient, unseen hand.

Adventurers, travellers, great and small,
Whether below or beyond they fall,
Depart for good they do, one and all.

Oh, how they come and go,
Will it always be so?

There was but one of this host,
That went the extra mile.
Nothing but a little ghost,
That made me smile.

Through no display of power,
But only a delicate flower.

It, too, departed like the rest.
Deep down into Hallownest.
But in its wake, something changed.
Some sanity returned to a land deranged.

Oh, how they come and go,
Should it always be so?

And so, said my heart,
I must to the depths depart.
Even if I may be scared,
I must find the one that cared.

Though in my search I did not find the knight,
I eventually beheld a familiar sight.
To two small bugs that seemed so lost,
I gave my flower – no small cost.

Although not quite like the one I sought,
Lead them from this grave I ought.
Two darkened souls, one curious, one brave,
They – from these depths – I might still save.


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