Meets (Mar 5)

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Mar Sterkvleuel | < Experiments | Exercising Authority > In which Mar has an overdue meeting with family, followed by a meeting with new people. 2935 words | 12 min reading time “Draak” (drɑːk) – the Tumenzarian equivalent of “person”, referring to a … Continued

Mar Sterkvleuel

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A character in the world Elonth. Featured image: Mar Flying by @elektronx, Mar Sticker by @emmathepaintdragon and Mar Reference made with PidgePudge’s Create-a-Dragon flash. Read Mar’s Story: Practice Makes Perfect Age: 34 Gender: Male Height: 1m – taller than average Appearance: Being … Continued


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This is a multi-verse haiku I wrote for a poem competition run by the school library in 2014. Uploading this as an example of poetry for my commission info. Running through the trees They pursued us rapidly Crashing through the … Continued