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“This is unthinkable!” Kersoth burst into the room occupied by Yintul. “Are you seriously
thinking that I will abdicate for you?!” His eyes were burning with hatred, an everlasting fire
sparked when he first read the message. Just as he was getting over the loss of Sannathria,
her impossible child had the audacity to send a messenger, so that they can discuss changing
the owner of the red throne. Bah! Like he was going to give it up. Especially not to someone
who looks more like a Sard than a Ruby.

“Relax, grandpa, hear me out.”

“I’ve heard enough already, you’ve been in control of the browns for less than a year
and you’re already acting like you own everything, power’s getting to your head, boy!”

“Grandpa please, calm down,” he said, getting up and walking towards him. “Before
their passing my parents taught me a fair bit about the history of our lands, and I’m trying my
best to learn from the past.”

Wise words for a teenager, Kersoth thought to himself trying to suppress the want to
jump at the young dragon and prove his superiority. “As far as I can tell, no ruler in the past
asked another ruler to willingly give up their throne.”

“Nor has a ruler ever been of two races at the same time,” he countered with a smug
smile. “My parents’ marriage was orchestrated to form peace between Browns and Reds. I
have came from it, either by will or mistake, but that doesn’t matter. I’m the living embodiment
of our races burying the hatchet,” The kid’s good at speeches, Kersoth thought to himself.
Must’ve prepared it thoroughly before sending for me. I wonder how long has he been
planning this?
“I am both a Ruby and a Sard, with royal rights to both thrones. I want to make
the final act in the peace between our lands, by joining them under one ruler.”

“You’re foolish to think people will follow you. You’re a disgrace to what’s pure, the Sard
nobles are plotting against you as we speak, trying to usurp the throne for themselves.”

“You say that, yet not a single dragon voiced their concerns with my rule. And in the
few months I’ve already got a handful to like me, as my unusual appearance encourages
them be more open with their speech.”

Oh they will, Kersoth thought with a mental smirk, keeping his outside appearance
unchanged. “Giving over the Red Throne when you’re closely connected with Sard nobles
could be disastrous-”

“I’ll make sure there is no interference between rivaling nobles,” Yintul said, rudely
interrupting Kersoth before he finished.

“No, you won’t,” he said, knocking Yintul off of his feet and pinning him down to the
ground. While swift, the move had no strength to back it up. It may have been his grandson,
but that didn’t change the fact that he was the current ruler of the browns, and hurting him
would only cause trouble. “You forget that you’re still a youngling. I will not put a throne in the
hands of a child that can be easily overpowered.”

The dragon under his paws struggled a little, trying to get free, before his muscles
relaxed in resignation. “Fine, then keep it. But you know this is the best solution in the long

The other dragon moved to the side, letting Yintul stand up. In silence, Kersoth left the
room thinking to himself that best solutions in the long term are not always ones that should
be rushed.

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