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After having left Monsele and Charles behind, Drakian swiftly moved through the molten insides of Thera, reaching the rocky crust on the opposite side in a handful of seconds. He emerged inside of a pine forest – tall trees grew all around, with only old, dry branches present in the bottom half of the trunks. High above the ground, the trees sprouted many a branch, brimming with needles to capture as much sunlight as they could. Were it not for the slope of the ground they grew on, they would’ve blocked the majority of the light from the ground below.

    Drakian analyzed his surroundings, looking for the clone present in the vicinity. Just as before on Threa, he was unable to pinpoint where precisely the abilno was. “I know you are here,” he spoke, hoping that an answer would direct him to his target. “Come out, I just want to talk.” The only response he got was some birds casually chirping in the foliage above. The dragon started to walk through the forest – solidifying his form as he did so – hoping to perhaps stumble into the clone by chance, or feel it move out of his way at the very least.

    Why will you not come out?” He asked after reaching the edge of the forest, still feeling the clone’s presence around him. In front of him stretched a mix of grasses and rocks, stretching all the way up the large mountain on the side of which he stood. “Are you scared? I mean no harm.

    Scared?” A disembodied voice sounded – a sharp, unpleasant tone. “You should be the one to be afraid.

    Using the connection that the owner of the voice had to make to speak, Drakian turned his focus onto a tree left of him. “Yet you are the one hiding.

    The sentence seemed to hit a cord as the tree he was observing burst into flames, and a gray figure in a cloak emerged from it, untouched by the fire. “I was not hiding you dumb beast!” the man spoke in anger, the flames from the tree licking his back as they burned with unnatural speed. “I’d think the likes of you are familiar with the concept of stalking their prey, but it would seem not.

    I am well versed in the concept,” Drakian spoke calmly, turning around to ‘face’ the other being. “Dare I say, more experienced than you even. For instance, I would not have come out of the cover after a blatant taunt.

    The man froze, a momentary flash of surprise going through what could be seen of his face, hidden in the shadow of the cloak’s hood; quickly returning to an angry expression. “You think you’re so clever, don’t you?

    No. And I am not here for a chit chat, I am here to get answers,” Drakian sat down on the ground to indicate he did not mean to be a threat. “Why is your voice so sharp?

    My… voice?” The man responded in confusion, a perplexed look peering through the hood’s shadow.

    Yes, your voice. It sounds unnatural. Artificial almost.

    Ah,” a grin appeared on the mans face. “You must be feeling these,” with a swift move, he took out a pair of swords from his cloak – one in each hand. “These are incredible little weapons. Their energy signature is just one of the many unique things I’ve come to appreciate about them.

    Would you be willing to explain more?

    Oh, sure. It’s always nice to have a responsive listener, gets real lonely around here-” He paused, sensing some of Drakian’s thoughts through the connection the two had made. “Trapped? Why would I be trapped?

    The thought crossed my mind – why else would you be so lonely?” Drakian returned, dreading how easy it was for some of his top-level thoughts to slip through.

    I mean, you’re not entirely wrong,” the man came closer to the dragon. “I am not trapped. I could go off into the universe if I wanted. However, a friend of mine can’t leave this planet, for obvious reasons, and what monster would leave a friend to a lonely prison?” The man leaned against a tree, using his right hand for balance whilst casually toying with the sword that resembled a flame in his other hand.

    Your friend?” Drakian asked, carefully watching the cyan gems in the swords, gently pulsing in perfect sync.

    Mhm. Have you not met her? I could feel you and your friend since you entered the atmosphere, and you passed right next to her,” the man stopped playing with the sword, looking at the dragon and speaking up with an accusatory tone, certain words blending together in a fuzzy distortion. “You didn’t even consider stopping for a visit, did you?” He raised the sword in his right hand, pointing it at Drakian “Is she not good enough for you to even acknowledge her?

    What? No, not at all, I have just been very focused on finding you,” Drakian spoke slowly, not wanting to anger the clone in front of him. “As I said, I am looking for answers,” he paused for a short moment before continuing. “You mentioned the swords have many unique things about them. Could you explain more perhaps?

    Oh, these?” He responded with a grin, bringing both of the swords closer to himself, and rotating them to show all sides of their metallic blades, odd hilts and the gently glowing gems. “Powerful little weapons they are. Harder than any mineral, sharper than any blade.” To demonstrate, the man took a short, swift spin – striking into the nearest tree. The sword went clean through the hard and thick spruce log, coming out on the other side without slowing down. “Beautiful, isn’t it?” He asked, letting the sap and wood shavings stuck on the blade vaporise into gray smoke. “And that’s not even me using them properly!” He added, kicking the tree.

    Drakian watched the plant fall, breaking a multitude of branches on its way down, before hitting the ground with a heavy thump. “Use them properly? Is slicing and slashing not the proper use for a sword?

    It is, but these are capable of so much more,” the clone lowered the sword that looked like a flame, raising the other one up, pointing the blade upwards. Without any forewarning, the gem in the hilt lit up, cyan light seeping down the patterns spiralling down the hilt. “Beautiful, isn’t it?” The man asked, coming closer as he observed a soft mist form around the hilt, gently illuminated with a cyan glow. “So slick. So clean. So…” The man looked at the dragon beside him with a smirk. “…deadly,” he finished, swinging the sword at Drakian.

    The blade went through the dragon’s side as if it was made out of butter, cutting a gash in the solidified amber energy that made up his form. “How dare you come to my planet, and insult me?!” The man shouted in his distorted voice, taking a second swing at the front leg.

    Drakian quickly slid out of the way, his form not moving as he stared, bewildered by the amber goo that was dripping from the tip of the first sword. “How… How is that blade not melted?” He asked, looking at the dense liquid, which sunk deep into the ground with each drip, evaporating all the dirt, roots and rocks it touched.

    I did not make these. I wouldn’t know,” the man responded, two gray wings of energy sprouting from his back as his entire form was surrounded by a gray cloud. “I have cut myself by accident once,” he started, the other sword now lighting up as his form solidified. “And have wondered ever since if our kin can be properly slain.” Bringing the swords together, he leapt towards the dragon with an overhead attack.

    Almost by instinct, Drakian lifted the nearest tree, along with its roots and a large quantity of dirt it was in, throwing it at the incoming being. “I did not come here to fight!” He exclaimed as the tree was effortlessly cut in half mid-flight. “I expected hostility, but this… this is not right.

    Boo-hoo, is the big beast gonna cry?” The gray angel landed on the ground as the freshly thrown tree crashed into the forest behind him. “Here, allow me to form your tears,” he raised his right arm, creating an infinitely flowing water column that pressured the dragon below to the ground.

    As Drakian’s head made an impression in the muddied ground, he formed an amber circle above himself to block the water flow. “Oh, you don’t like the water? How about we cool it a bit?” With a swing of his left arm, all the water around the dragon froze instantly, forming an irregular shape of clear ice, that refracted the light from above, forming a carpet of rainbow patterns on the ground.

    This is childish,” Drakian said, analyzing his position. Seeing his physical form was immobilized, he let the solid energy turn into an amber cloud, phasing out of the ice. “I will return later, and by then you will hopefully cool yourself down.

    Oh no you don’t,” the angel said, realizing that the dragon was about to teleport away. His right arm, along with the sword he was holding, turned into a gray fog that reached out to Drakian’s tail. The dragon disappeared momentarily, before reappearing back in his solid form, hurtling at supersonic speeds through the treetops, effortlessly crushing the plant-life below as he got tossed uphill. His body smashed into a stone cliff, sinking deep into the rock.

    Ohoho, that was something, wasn’t it?” The angel let out a twisted laughed as he appeared by the entrance of the hole Drakian formed. “I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure if this would work. But I’m positively surprised!” He watched as Drakian rose to his feet, shaking the dust off of his body. “Would you like to try it again? Perhaps try and rotate further now?

    But… But how… what did you do?

    Oh, y’know, just broke your connection with the rotational anchor, translating you by stabbing your tail. No biggie.

    You… What?” Drakian looked at his tail and, sure enough, near its very tip there was a blade-shaped hole. It went clean through, already covered with a thin amber net. The wound was healing up before anything from inside could leak out. Baffled by the impossibility of what he was seeing, he turned back towards his attacker. “Which of the swords did that?

    This one,” a response quickly came as the gray being lifted the appropriate sword. “But both are capable of it, would you like a demonstration? All you need to do is try and escape again…

    I will pass.” An amber flash lit up the ceiling of the cave, disappearing into the rocks above. Following its disappearance, the rocks began to crack and a deep rumble spread throughout the walls, as a large chunk of the cliff above them crumbled off and fell onto the opening, pinning down the gray abilno standing therein. Before the clone could react, Drakian hastily made his way up through the new opening, out into the open air.

    Running away, are we?” A voice echoed in Drakian’s head – an effect that had to have been superficially added by the angel below the now-melting rock. “I’m not done yet,” he continued, emerging from the glowing liquid. “I want to see if these bad boys can take you down,” he continued, flying ahead of Drakian and hovering above the treetops, blocking his path. “Is the little dragon scared?

    No, simply bewildered by the tools you have,” he looked at the dimming glow of the left sword, “and how you waste their potential. Additionally, I am larger than you both in size and in age, so I would be interested to know where the ‘little’ came from.

    Instead of replying, the man let out an angry roar. In a split second, the air below Drakian was displaced, allowing the air above him push him down at an increasing velocity. Before hitting the ground, Drakian countered by opening his wings, which held enough air under themselves to slow down the descent and allow the dragon to maneuver into the large meadow that spread between two mountain peaks.

    Maybe you’re not little. But at least you are scared,” the clone flew into the meadow, creating white spheres mid-air and propelling them towards Drakian, spontaneously combusting them half-way to their target.

    Perhaps slightly worried at most,” Drakian gracefully dodged the flaming rocks, turning around to focus on the angel. “But without your toys, you are but an angry child,” he said as iron spheres quickly formed around both of the angels wrists, trapping the swords in place and pulling their wielder down towards the ground.

    If I’m a child, then I’m a very capable one.” With a quick spin of the swords, both spheres were cleanly cut into two separate pieces – one falling onto the ground, and the other staying on the angels wrists. “It’ll take much more than a simple trick like that,” the man added, turning his wrist in an unnatural way to cut a hole in the top of the leftover half. After the sword was out, the metal on the edges started to slowly vanish into gray smoke, until the holes around his arms were big enough for the odd cuffs to fall to the ground.

    More it is,” Drakian said standing still as he watched the ground beneath the gray feet start to move around, with dirt, sand and stone rising and cluttering into a large mass around the man. As the conglomeration of materials cramped itself tighter and tighter, metallic glimpses could be seen glimmering around the sphere. Not before long, the place where the man once stood was surrounded by an area void of all matter, in the center of which was a shining ball of pure iron.

    Immobilizing me won’t accomplish much,” the voice sounded normal, as if its owner wasn’t stuck in a solid sphere of metal. “You should know that I can simply do this,” with the last word, the entire gray solid changed into a gray, energetic gas. “And then use your own energy against you,” he finished, forming multiple iron spikes from the gas that didn’t get a chance to evaporate yet, sending them towards Drakian.

    It is clear you know nothing of defensive battle tactics,” Drakian responded, putting up a circular shield in front of the sharp spikes, letting some bounce off of it as if they were made out of rubber, while others got absorbed by the disk, making it thicker, with sharp protrusions appearing around the sides. “But if you insist on using your own power against you, I won’t decline.” The disk, now resembling a circular saw blade, started to spin at speeds just below that of sound. It rocketed towards the angel, who lifted his two swords up, planning to cut the disk before it could reach him.

    Unexpectedly, the circle of energy didn’t stop at the sword, but continued to spin forth as the blade smoothly cut into it. As the energized weapon hit its target, the energy of the hit forced the angel into the side of the newly formed crater. “That’s more like it,” the man said as he clambered out of the hole, throwing away the motionless disc that was still stuck on his blade. “But whatever you do, I can do better.

    His form flew up slightly, hovering above the grass as he raised his wings and arms, forming a gray saw of his own energy above each. In a smooth and over-dramatic move of his limbs, he sent them flying towards the dragon their speed raising dirt and grass off of the ground and creating a sonic boom that caused multiple flocks of birds to take off. Within moments, as suddenly as they started moving, all four saws stopped shortly before reaching their target, having hit miniscule amber spheres – ones as thick as the gray discs themselves, and placed precisely in the center of their path.

    You are a child with no experience,” Drakian spoke as he swept the motionless saws with his wing, pushing them far away to the side. “Why must you do this? Why do you fight?

    Why shouldn’t I?” As he spoke in his distorted voice, the gray albino created an equally gray hand the size of his whole body, clenching it into a fist and letting it rocket towards the dragon.

    Because you are wasting energy,” Drakian jumped up, forcing the fist to turn into the ground so he could land on it. “And even though we will regenerate it, a battle with no purpose will only leave us weak for days or weeks even. You may be unaware, but the mortals are doing great strides towards capturing us, it is best to leave such silly brawls until safer times come.

    Oh, don’t you worry about my energy,” the angel laughed as the swords in his hand lit with bright cyan light. “I could use up my full energy capacity and I’d still have more energy than you.” To prove his words, he slashed the air with his sword, sending out a supersonic blade-like construct of pressurized air. The dragon was hit before he could react, knocking him off of the hand, whose gray structure had small amber circles where his claws used to be mere moments before.

    So that is why you have such a chaotic pattern to your energy?” Drakian asked, quickly getting up to his feet and returning to his spot upon the hand. “It comes from the swords?

    Perhaps.” With another slash, a second wave of sharp air raced towards the dragon, who simply removed a small portion of air in front of him, creating a vacuum through which the magical blade could not travel. “But in the end, energy is energy,” The man landed at the edge of the hole he’s been hovering over, walking towards the dragon. “Is it not?

    Yes, but I fear it is not the same,” Drakian climbed down from the arm, to which gray color had seemingly returned. “It is… missing something,” he said as he looked at the gray saws, calmly lying on the ground, slowly dissolving into a haze above them. “It is almost… unstable. Lacking something.

    Whatever it may be, it’s not needed, clearly,” with a single beat of his wings, the angel jumped up to the hand the dragon vacated. “And with energy in this quantity, I don’t have to worry about how far things I want to manipulate are.” He pointed at the mountain in front of him, where a large group of rocks suddenly appeared and started rolling downhill, bringing a whole avalanche along with them.

    Before it could reach them, Drakian rose with his wings to be well above where the rocks would roll. “Perhaps you should rather worry about how close things I want to manipulate are.” Having said that, the gray fist that was still stuck in the ground quickly turned around, grabbing the angel on top of it. “Let go of the swords, they are not safe for our kind to use. None of the artifacts are, by the looks of things. They provide us too much of an advantage over the everlasting stalemate.

    You’d like that, wouldn’t you? So you can take them yourself, eh?” The angel questioned Drakian as he tried to make any motion with his hands.

    No. I would-” before Drakian could finish the sentence, the angel turned into a gray cloud, along with the hand that was holding him in place. The pair disappeared, only to reappear moments later – slightly higher than when he started. The avalanche reached the meadow they were on and began to lose speed.

    You played the game well, I see,” the angel’s voice sounded as he returned to a solid form – along with his weapons and his hand-shaped oppressor. “Fine, I will release the swords.” Having said that, he opened the palms of his hands and let both swords drop down onto the decelerating rocks below.

    I will not fall for that,” Drakian responded, remaining high in the air. “You are too unstable to think rationally so quickly.

    I guarantee you, I can think rationally. And with said rational thinking, I see that I have lost this fight.

    Drakian looked at the angel in silence, motionlessly hovering, having stopped his wing movement. “You say you lost… But you do not surrender yet, do you?” He asked, cocking his head slightly to the side.

    Of course not. The hunt is still on,” he made a motion with his now free fingers, causing both swords to light up and launch upwards, hastily cutting into and through the hand, chopping it to small bits. “So that’s how you could control it,” the angel said as he took hold of one of the pieces, seeing how it was gray on the outside, but had the whole inside filled with amber energy. “You bastard. Using my constructs against me like that,” he grabbed both of the swords mid-air, turning them towards the floating bits and pieces of energy, turning them into multicolored gas. “You wanted to see what the swords can do, didn’t you? How about I let you feel their effect?” Before Drakian could answer, a lightning bolt launched from the right sword and headed straight for Drakian, travelling across his body before arcing straight into the ground. The flashing arc immobilized the dragon, before pulling him down as the electricity tried to decrease the distance it had to travel to a minimum.

    That is a wasteful use of energy,” Drakian countered, creating a webbed sphere of metal to redirect the electric current around himself. “So the swords are simply… batteries?

    Oh, no. No no no, so much more than simple batteries,” the angel stopped the lightning, briefly showing the brightly lit symbols that now decorated the blade before they disappeared, reappearing on the other sword. “They go beyond what you or I can ever wish to accomplish.

    The metal around the dragon instantly melted, falling towards the amber being as if it attracted the red-hot iron. After covering him in a glowing mass, the metal froze back up so quickly, frost appeared on it as the ultra-low temperature of the solid met the standard temperature of the air.

    And what is this supposed to-” Drakian started, pausing as he realized he was unable to agitate the particles making up the metal. “Huh? Why can I not melt it?

    You mean why can’t you make the atoms move more? Because they’re not moving to begin with,” came the reply as the gray abilno swung his sword down – the metal following the motion, slamming the dragon into the ground, crushing the loose rocks that laid there.

    This should not be possible,” the dragon spoke as he tried to move any part of his body to escape his confinement.

    Yet it is,” the angel gracefully landed in front of the dragon, observing his creation. “No point in struggling, you can’t break out.

    I can do this,” the Dragon said, turning the metal into amber sparks. But before they had a chance to properly disappear, a new set of cyan energy bindings appeared around Drakian, pulling him down and immobilizing against the ground.

    And now? Got any more tricks up your sleeve?” The man snarkily commented in a rough tone, coming closer to the chained abilno. He toyed with his swords, both glowing with symbols, simultaneously watching the dragon hopelessly beat his wings – the only part of his body that was not immobilized. “No? Shame.” An extra pair of cyan chains erupted from ones already holding Drakian down, bringing the flailing wings to his sides.

    So… that’s it? The almighty dragon defeated? If I am to be honest, then I’m slightly disappointed,” he jumped up on top of the dragon’s body, walking down his spine. “Then again, you never could’ve done much.” The angel paused, looking at the amber solid he was standing on, seeing it momentarily turn to gas before quickly returning to being solid once again. “Nice try, but I’m afraid there is nothing you can do here. Aside from accepting your fate.

    If you were a real being, the first thing I’d target would be the wings,” the angel gently flapped his own wings as he kneeled down between the dragon’s. “But just because you don’t need them, doesn’t mean you wouldn’t want them, right?

    What… What are you doing?” Drakian asked, trying to break himself out of the chains once more.

    Just watch,” he responded with yet another distortion to his voice, as a pair of cyan and gray layers of light covered the swords. Both of the weapons started shining brightly as the man put the blades against where the wings connected to the body. With a swift move, both cut clean through and came out at the other end covered in an amber goo. There was a deafening crack of lightning when the wings separated from the dragons body, followed by an unexpectedly heavy thump as they hit the ground.

    The man laughed triumphantly, stopping as he noticed the silence of his victim. “I expected you to roar or something, but guess you can’t feel it,” he stood up, looking down at the dragon at his feet. “It’s a little underwhelming though. Did you accept your fate this quickly?

    No,” the dragon responded. “But why… Would I… Waste energy… On… That?

    For my satisfaction, not like you can do anything-” the man paused in his stream of thought, noticing that there shouldn’t be a reason for the dragon to have difficulties speaking. A quick glance at the swords instantly revealed the cause.

    The amber goo that stuck to the left blade has slowly made its way down, and seamlessly covered the entirety of the hilt of the weapon. Similarly, the liquid energy stuck to the right sword has started to make its way down the blade. “Oh no you don’t,” said the angel, putting a small protective sphere on his clean hand, whilst trying to rid the amber from his left hand – finding it an impossible task without letting go of the swords.

    On the contrary, I think I will.” The amber goo glowed gently, covering the cyan light below it. The chains that held him in place blinked once and vanished from existence. Before the man could react, the dragon used his tail to grab the gray head, lifting the gray abilno off of the amber back and slamming full force into the rocks behind them. Without turning around, the dragon said: “Let go of the swords,” holding the man down with his tail blade.

    Make me.

    As you wish.” The two wings that lay on the ground rose slightly, and an amber fluid started to flow out of where the cut had been made. A thin stream of viscous liquid, making its way towards the gray angel. As the fluid surrounded the man, the dragon lifted his tail, letting the angel raise up slowly by the force of the dragon’s energy. He struggled to get out of it, slashing the liquid and trying to get it off of himself, to no avail. The man rose higher and higher, flailing uncontrollably like someone who’s slowly drifting away in a zero-gravity chamber, as more and more energy surrounded him. There was a continuous stream of goo coming from the wings, which slowly began to become less and less amber in color, taking form of a murky transparent white. “One last… time…” The dragon spoke slowly, focused on blocking any and all energy manipulation coming out of his opponent. “Drop. The. Swords.

    In your dreams.

    The dragon calmly nodded, his form dissolving into a cloud. Instantly, the amber essence started expanding at the speed of light, decompressing into a gigantic sphere. As the sphere engulfed more land and air with its growth, the consumed matter got turned into energy to further fuel the expanse, depriving the center of the sphere of anything to manipulate. The sphere continuously expanded with an unstoppable growth, spreading across the horizon as it consumed more and more matter. Once it ran out of fuel to further expand, It collapsed in on itself, sending all the energy it collected into a single point – the being in the center. Air rushed into the vacuum left behind by the attack, only to be bounced back with an immense force as the amber and gray energies clashed, sending an atmosphere-high wave in all directions, toppling down trees and leveling small hills as if they were made out of sand.

    As the shockwave left, Drakian came back to a solid form – mere fractions of a second after he disappeared. His amber coloring was duller, and as he descended to the ground he visibly struggled against the strong wind currents in the crater. Where once was a mountain range, now was an empty crater spanning kilometers in every direction. Water cascaded down the sides from underground reservoirs, as well as rivers and lakes along the distant edge of the pit. In other parts, spires of flames erupted from the rocks – ignited streams of leaking methane – scattered around the carved out hole, even coming out of the sloshing water.

    In the center, a gray figure was being rapidly covered by the incoming water – which formed a steamy pool, heated up by the depth of the crater alone. “Heh,” the gray Type 0 spoke, raising himself off of his knees. “That’s quite… quite the display you put up… I’m impressed,” he scanned his form, noticing he shared the dullness of the dragon. “All this effort… For nothing,” as his voice became distorted, the sword that was still held by his right hand lit up. The energetic form seemed to regain its grayness, as the abilno noticed the lack of his second sword. “Or perhaps not nothing completely… Where is it?!

    This?” A new voice sounded, as a green tentacle raised the sword in question on the other side of the growing pond. Simultaneously, the same voice sounded in Drakian’s head. What in the world happened here?

    He is being… Quite aggressive… Drakian slowly responded, gathering himself to stand back on four legs. Thought he could cut off my wings and get away with it… Drakian continued as he looked at the stumps on his back, from which thin wires started to come out of – slowly splitting and expanding as they went up.

    Cut off your wings? Charles asked in confusion, before noticing Drakian’s wingless form. What?! How?!

    The swords. He can make then cut through literally anything. The dragon responded, noticing that the angel was moving towards the lime being. Watch out for your tentacles.

    Before Drakian finished his sentence, Charles already flew back, dodging the swipe of the angel’s sword. “Come back here and give me what’s mine!” the gray Type 0 shouted, flying up himself to meet the lime one on the same level.

    “It’s yours? I don’t see your name on it.

    Look again.” Without any movement, the symbols across the blade of the sword started to glow.

    ‘To induce heat is to create energy’?” Charles read, looking at both sides of the flame-like sword. “That’s an odd name.

    I wasn’t showing you my name, you dumb ball of tentacles. I was showing the swords listen to me,” the glowing weapon dimmed down until the light illuminating the symbols was completely gone. “You can’t properly use them, as they won’t react to your commands. Because they’re mine!

    That proves nothing,” Charles responded, quickly checking the validity of the angel’s claim. Where the grip of the weapon made contact with his tentacle, it lit up with a lime light, none of which spread further up the weapon. “Just because it listens to you doesn’t mean it’s yours. Especially since I can block your control.” Instead of going into the sword, the lime light spread along its surface, forming a thin, lime coating across the entirety of the surface.

    You’re quite annoying, you know that?” The angel leaped forward, attempting to cut off the tentacle holding the sword.

    How so?” Charles responded, swiftly turning the blade towards the attack. The swords let out a metallic sound as they slid past one another. “And watch out, you wouldn’t want to cut ‘your’ sword, would you?

    It is mine!” He angrily responded, swinging overhead to attempt to cut the tentacle at its base, to which the lime abilno rotated mid-air. One sword blocked the other, and with a blast of lime energy the gray being got thrown backwards through the air.

    Owners of these are long dead, these belong to no-one.

    Then because they listen to me, I am the closest they have to an owner,” the gray Type 0 swung his hand, creating dozens of small gray hooks around the lime-covered sword. “You may block my control inside, can’t stop me from forcing it back on the outside,” he continued as the hooks vibrated together with the sword in an attempt to yank it out.

    You can try,” Charles spoke as he shook the hooks off, evaporating them all into tiny bits of lime smoke. “But which sword is yours?” He asked, putting the sword he was holding in front of himself, grabbing it with all of his tentacles. After all six of them came together, a bright lime energy covered them, together with the weapon they were holding. Out of the light, one by one, the tentacles came back out – each holding a lime-covered sword, indistinguishable from the others. “Your turn.

    Why must you interrupt the hunt?!

    Huh? Hunt? Who are you hunting?” Slightly confused, Charles analyzed the crater around them. “There is no living being anywhere near…” Instead of responding, the angel pointed with his sword at the dragon, who was walking up the side of the crater, flattening a piece of land well above the constantly rising level of water, which absorbed enough minerals and compounds to become deadly to any living being that would enter it.

    I would tell you to not come anywhere near here, but at this point it is clear you would ignore said plea. Drakian spoke telepathically to the pair of immortals flying towards him in the spacecraft. At least do not be foolish enough to get in between those two. Listening to the dragon, the ship turned its course slightly, noticing the landing pad he created. It descended towards it, extending its three legs which sunk into the flattened dirt.

    How are you here this quickly though?” Drakian paused, seeing the back door open and Krestean came out of it. “And why in the world do you have the accursed hammer with you?

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