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A few months later the preparations were done – a marriage joint with signing of a
peace treaty; held at the border so that both races could attend. There weren’t as many
attendees as on a typical royal wedding, even when combining those who were present on
either side of the border. Those that did come did so from curiosity – wanting to witness what
all the gossip was about with their own eyes. As the ceremony ended, the newly weds were
escorted to their secluded home, followed by cheers from reds and browns alike.

Sannathria tried to find comfort in those cheers, but she couldn’t help but notice how
few of them sounded sincere. Most were either emotionless sounds, or ones filled with
sarcasm and hate, acting out purely due to tradition.

“This is ridiculous,” she said to thin air as they were left alone and the door closed
behind them. “Can’t believe they’re actually making us do this.”

“Relax we only need to play our parts as if everything is normal,” her new ‘mate’
reassured her. “Speaking of which, Are we finishing here, or do we continue?”

Sannathria stared at him for what felt like forever before her brain managed to figure
out what freshly married couples did after their ceremonies.”No! Eww, no. No, no, no! How
could you even think that!?”

“One ‘no’ was more than enough, I’m not keen on doing it either,” Ahnu’ur said with a
hint of laughter.

“Then why did you-”

“Ask?” She nodded, forcing herself to remember that they’re equal in status and it’s not
a travesty to cut one another off. “I’ve promised I’ll treat you no differently than a no- ekhm
wife. For the sake of the treaty.”

“And you’d be willing to do that? To bed someone just for the sake of a kingdom that
isn’t yours?”

“If you’re talking about our people, I’m the rightful heir so the kingdom would be mine at
some point. And if you’re talking about your kingdom, well, we all are still dragons. I don’t want
us to fight over petty things that have been long forgotten.”

Sannathria nodded, agreeing with what was said just as much as she disagreed with
what was done. “How about Blues? Do you consider them just like us too?”

The Sard dragon scratched himself in the back of the head. “I feel they’re closer related
to humans then they are to us. They can’t even breathe fire!”

“And how would you want to breathe fire underwater, silly?” Sannathria giggled as she
moved over to a shelf on the side, looking through its contents. “It’s interesting you’d compare
them to humans though, I’d think the desert dwellers would get that badge.”

“They may be able to walk on their hind feet, but at least their wings are in a proper
place.” Ahnu’ur paused as he dared to move closer to the Ruby dragon. “Looking for anything

“Not really, just checking things out,” she picked up ‘Small Collection of Stories’, and
quickly scanned through it’s contents.

“You like myths and legends?”

“Somewhat,” she closed the book and placed it back in its place. “But first and foremost
I’ve got a fascination with the past. Sifting through stories to try and find the seed of truth is
one of the most exciting methods.”

“What about sifting reality out of documents?” Ahnu’ur asked as he walked away from
Sannathria. “A lot of what we call facts are opinionated – Always speaking negatively of the

“I guess, yeah.” She said before her conscience could shout at her to not agree with a
Sard. “Are you a fan of the past yourself?” She asked, turning towards Ahnu’ur who was just
coming back, carrying a hefty book in his teeth.

“I’ve indeed got an interest in history,” he said after dropping the book down at her
talons. “Just realized that this can be a great opportunity for both of us to learn, how we
present each other to our people.”

While a part of her wanted to shut the conversation, limiting the contact with her forced
groom; a different part of her appreciated the fellow historian and wanted to see how different
their enemies made the same events. Friends, she corrected herself in her thoughts we’re no
longer fighting. And hopefully that part of our history is behind us forever.

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