This post used to provide general worldbuilding information about Elonth, but the worldbuilding has expanded greatly since then and this post became outdated. It is now repurposed as a basic character guide and chapter index. I am in the process of setting up a wiki to store worldbuilding information, but feel free to contact me on Discord to ask any questions you might have.

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Character Guide

This section is intended to help you remember who’s who if you’ve forgotten who a character in the story is. The sections on Mar and Irikshan also contain links to the chapters of their stories.

Mar Sterkvleuel

A blue and orange Ebonscale-Tumenzarian halfbreed. Aged 34 in 2020, his life was interrupted when his advanced ability trapped him in a coma. He was sent to the city of Tumenoord to study under the guidance of Irikshan, the head of the Raifal Mage College, who has an advanced ability thought to be similar to Mar’s.

Illusions of Control

  1. Practice Makes Perfect
  2. Illusions
  3. Uncertainty
  4. Experiments
  5. Meets
  6. Exercising Authority
  7. Homecoming
  8. Convention
  9. Stress Relief
  10. Flight and Fight
  11. End of an Era

Irikshan Kennissoeker

An orange, green and yellow Tumenzarian – Irikshan has led quite an eventful life. At age 74 in 1777, he departed Tumenzar to explore the Imaadudish Empire – to learn about this foreign nation that had been conquering the human kingdoms around Tumenzar.

Into the Empire

  1. Landfall
  2. Welcome to Shormton
  3. Take Note
  4. Departure
  5. Mountain View
  6. A Thunder
  7. Beyond the Border
  8. Saitai
  9. Bandits
  10. Memories
  11. Longjing
  12. Reporting In
  13. Specter
  14. Scholars and Schemers
  15. Dream On
  16. Royal Request
  17. Farewell

In 2020, at age 317, he is a renowned mage and illusionist, one of the three Elders of Tumenzar, and the head of the Raifal Mage College – a world-esteemed institution. When he is told of a young Tumenzarian with an advanced ability that shares similarities with his own, he decides to mentor the youngster.

Zitkala Cefirala

Zitkala by Jonny/Doodle

Hatched in 1973, Zitkala is a crossbreed with Huante, Scriven, and otherworldly heritage. Her powerful knack proved troublesome in her early life, but she eventually gained control over it. She pursued her interests in electronics. Eventually, she would meet her future husband: Mar.

Rentik Jinmeng

A white, gold and ultraviolet Scriven, Rentik grew up in Meihian – the homeland of the Scrivens, ruled jointly by them and the Meihianese humans. A few decades into her life, however, she moved to Tumenzar. Here she studied at the Raifal Mage college, where she is now the head of the Nullifications and Countermagics department.

Lyntarr & Ilress Sterkvleuel

Lyntarr by Doodle
Ilres by Doodle

Lyntarr (Tumenzarian) and Illress (Ebonscale) are the father and mother of Mar and Ireka. They work as an architect and an artist, living in the city of Tumensuid.

Ireka Sterkvleuel

By Doodle

Ireka is the sister of Mar. Living with her parents in Tumensuid, she works as a 3D modeller and animator.

The van Schalks

A human family living in the Sterkvleuel household, Mar and Ireka grew up alongside Josh and Annabel, children of Lars and Palesa. Most of the family work the farm owned by the Sterkvleuels, but Josh – who is one of the rare humans with magic capabilities – moved to Tumenoord years ago to study at Raifal College. He is now specialising, studying to be a doctor.

Mischa, Vivette, Morne, Luski, Lucy and Zhen

Members of a research team funded by Rentik that Mar meets and works with during his time in Tumenoord.

Kabelo Kariuki

By Doodle

A black and blue Ebonscale, Kabelo has been the head of Irikshan’s guard since 1992.

Ruk Nikus

By Doodle

An elder of Tumenzar alongside Irikshan and Tronesk in 2020, she is situated in the city of Tumensuid. She is a yellow, black and red Tumenzarian-Ostracation mix and the youngest of the elders.

Tronesk Givaris

By Doodle

A green and yellow Tumenzarian and the third elder of Tumenzar in 2020, he is master of the archives in Tumeoos.

Adanna Kondwa

By Doodle

A Tumen-Ebon cross, she is the owner of AMAS – a software and robotics company that Mar worked for before the events of his story.

Lucile Manghka

By Doodle

Vice-head imperial mage at the Namhnese city of Shormton, in 1777 she is assigned to escort Irikshan during his exploration of the empire.

Jared Patamarrut

By Doodle

Apprentice to Lucile, Jared is also assigned to escort Irikshan during his journey.

Kamon Cordwainer

By Doodle

An impromptu addition to Irikshan’s travelling party before he departed from Shormton, Kamon is a wandering storyteller and artist that has roamed much of the empire.

Drew Anson

A human colonel in charge of the garrison stationed in Shormton.

Rumaga Gedawen

By Doodle

One of the elders of Tumenzar during Irikshan’s expedition into the Imaadudin Empire. A purple and blue Ebonscale, she is also the head of the Raifal College, where Irikshan studied and worked before his journey.

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