Rentik currently does not have her own story but appears in the stories of Mar and Irikshan. The character’s visual design and art were created by ElektronX.


257 years




3.3m at the shoulder.

Her horns, chest plates and tail are formed of a golden shiridite-keratin compound. The vast majority of her scales are white, disturbed only by dark blue stripes. A genetic mutation has given her the dark blue colour rather than the brown common to the scrivens.

She shares the somewhat finer scales and more slender and nimble body of her Scriven kin as opposed to those of their Tumenzarian cousins.

She takes pride in her appearance, spending some of her ample wealth on accessories to enhance her already eye-catching appearance.

Her curly golden horns and favourite ebony-purple scarf, not college issue, lend an air of unruliness to her otherwise prim and proper appearance.

Her face holds a juxtaposition of sharpness and softness, her normally warm and cheery expressions can quickly change to a variety of cold and intimidating ones when she is in a foul mood.


Highly skilled in general, she is head of the department of nullifications and counter-magics at Raifal mage college. She has no advanced ability but is adept at overriding others’ control of energy and disabling enchantments.


Those that know her well describe an odd mix of pride and compassion. She is not afraid to take pride in and display her achievements, her status and her wealth – but one also gets the sense that she does her best to treat others with respect and compassion. She shows a surprising amount of effort and determination to support and aid those she deigns worth her time.

Not afraid to take the lead or tell others how to do things, she often finds herself in the lead of teams or projects. With a good eye for both the detail and bigger picture, she remains steadfast in her guidance when many others might have faltered.

She can get snappy when in a foul mood, nor does she have much patience with those who refuse to learn.

She believes the greatest gift is to help people help themselves. She has a hand in the runnings of several charities that focus on teaching life skills and trades to the needy.


Rentik and her two sisters – Xinyi and Yaling – of the same clutch were only raised by their parents for the first few years of their lives. Then both their mother and father were called to serve for the glory of the empire. After that, their aunt and uncle took care of them while their parents infrequently returned for visits. The visits stopped after both were killed in battle.

One of Rentik’s sisters and a cousin, Xinyi and Anhua, joined her on her trek to Tumenzar, while the rest of her close family remained behind.


  • Horn deco
    • In addition to aesthetics, the gems in her jewelry also serve a purpose. The ones that hang on the chains from her horns are used for extra energy storage.
    • The rings that hold the chains in place, encircling her horns, are capable of clipping open and closed.
  • Metal necklaces
    • What appears to be one large necklace with many loops is, in fact, several very similar single-looped necklaces. Each has a clasp at the back to allow easy removal.
  • Scarf
    • It is not compulsory for students and teachers at the Raifal mage college to wear their scarf, but it is common as a display of pride in the college. Rentik instead wears an ebony-purple scarf which she seems rather fond of.
  • Bracelet
    • Bearing no family crest, these bracelets appear to be purely decorative.
  • Tail deco
    • A deceivingly simple and pretty arrangement of shiridan gems hangs from chains attached to cuffs on her tail. She programs these gems with complex enchantments that she can trigger at will.


Born and raised in Scriven when under the rule of the Imaadudin empire. Taught to be intensely patriotic by her school and parents, she admired the accomplishments of the empire – the technologies and systems they had set in place, improving the lives of their citizens. They brought technological advancement and wealth to regions who’d been lagging behind the industrial revolution.

She was still in her teens when the empire fell. She witnessed the civil unrest that followed, along with the Tumenzarians’ efforts to stabilize the region and prevent outright civil war. With the new conquerors came tales of a land with even greater knowledge and technological prowess. Ultimately, however, the orange-and-green dragons withdrew from whence they came.

Rentik stayed with her kin for some time, struggling alongside them in their disillusionment with what the empire had been and seeking out what they had to do next.

Eventually, she decided to form a group of companions that set out to make the great journey around the sea in search of this land. When they finally reached Tumenzar, they were welcomed, but not all had survived.

Rentik ultimately found herself enticed not by the machines but by pulling on the threads of reality. She joined the prestigious Raifal Mage College to study the science and mastery of the skills inherent to dragonkind.

Through decades of dedication and hard work, she rose through the ranks. After more than a century of study and research, she achieved the position of head of the department of nullifications and counter-magics.

She still visits the land of her hatching every few decades, but now sees Tumenzar as her true home.


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