They always tell me to leave the fish alone. Well, I say pah! They just want the fish all to themselves. They’ve always kept that lid on top of the tank, but now it’s off and they’re out of the room, busy doing their inexplicable human things.

I snuck up to the tank, coming out from my hiding spot. The fish were still kissing their reflections as ever. I shall end the hubris of these fish! I will long be remembered for my great deeds!

Up I climbed, hanging on the edge I reached in to get at them. I swung, but just missed. Just… a little… further…

Splash! And into the water I went. Panicked, I scrambled to get out. The fish, still staring at their reflections, no longer mattered. I had to get out as quickly as I could. No one could see me like this, I needed to save my pride. I pawed the sides frantically, but to no avail, I was not getting out on my own.

I would have to await the aid and beratement of the humans. For now I watched the window, praying that none of the other cats saw me…


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