Lol, it has been ages since I wrote something for myself that isn’t my book.

But I put a little spin on my original idea, writing it how I imagine a member of one of my book’s fictional civilisations might. This civilisation dedicates itself to gaining and preserving knowledge.

So, I might end up using this for my book anyways. XD


Destroyer of life and knowledge,
All it has taken becoming lost forever.
It takes what it wants,
And spares what it will.

A foe all must fight,
None can escape its grasp.
Killer of tyrants, destroyer of empires.
The death of heroes, the end of golden ages.

Fortresses of knowledge are built,
Every precaution taken can but slow it down.
It eats away at the corners of strongholds,
Whether the defenders are attentive or not.

Yet, we cannot rid ourselves of this foe.
It is also the bringer of knowledge.
Without it, nothing could be accomplished.
There would be no knowledge to record.

It is each of our duty to fight.
To protect and preserve our knowledge.
Mourn the losses of our comrades,
But do not let their gains go to waste.

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