The Artefact (Part 2)

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The two appeared mid-air and fell a few metres, landing on the grassy field below with a soft thud. They quickly stood up and each did their job automatically like a well-oiled machine; Albert scanned the area for threats while Verona looked about for landmarks and other things to determine where they were.

“I don’t see anything living. In fact the occasional breeze on the grass is the only thing moving. This is one of the too quiet places. Hate these ones.”

“Yep, not many landmarks either. Judging by the dampness in the air and the sun being just past halfway on the horizon, it is daybreak. I am going to assume the sun rises in the East here as well. We are in the largest and emptiest field I’ve ever seen. There seems to be a very distant mountain range surrounding us on the East, North and South. To our West is the only structure I can see.”

“What are we waiting for? Traps and unspeakable horrors await us.”

Verona chuckled, “Don’t forget the treasure!”

“Oh, and that.” The pair set off walking towards the structure, placing bets on what awaited them.

When they finally reached the structure, it was clearly in a state of disrepair. Who knows how many centuries it could have been abandoned, but it was built well. All the non-grass plants dozens of kilometres in any direction had decided to take refuge on and in the ruin.

After a brief pause before the archway, Albert stepped in first, his hand resting between the gun and sword sheathed on his belt. A rumble sounded from the depths before them, followed by a deep voice, “You should not be here.”

“Two points to me, trigger in the entrance and do not enter message,” Verona said happily.

“Dang, was hoping this’d be one of the dungeons that didn’t do that, so I’d get five points.” A bone-chilling mix of a shriek and roar was heard from behind them, along with a tiny speck of movement by the mountains to be seen when they turned around.  “Hah, I get three points there. There is in fact something living here.”

“I was going easy on you, Albert, there is often something living in the quiet places. Though I have got to say, that is one of the more intimidating roars I’ve heard. Let us hurry; we’re against the clock until that thing gets here. I’d fancy avoiding a fight if possible.” The couple entered the ruins, beginning their search for the artefact.

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