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“Unmoor the ship, we be setting sail!”

“Where will we be going, Jho- Uhm, Sir?”

“The name’s Cap’n to you, first mate McRiley!”

“Right, sorry, Captain. What’s the plan, Captain? You still haven’t told us where we are going…”

“We be going to get the greatest horde any pirate has dreamed of! And I didn’t tell yer lot before because I didn’t want any other cap’ns to catch wind o’ my brilliant plan.”

“Where did you hear about this horde?”

“I heard of it by a hunched traveller covered in a cloak by the dock ere yester. She gave me a map!”

“Are you sure we can trust this mysterious stranger? How do you know they weren’t lying to you? Did they even tell you where the treasure is?”

“I can just tell that it be real! It be right here!” The Captain jabbed his blade at the map.

“’Here Be Dragons’?” read McRiley, “Doesn’t that mean it’s dangerous? Are there monsters?”

“Nay, matey! It means no cartographer has charted those waters before! Besides, we’re pirates now! We are not scared of anything!”

“What’s a caartoegraf-”

“A person who makes maps, McRiley! Now stop questioning me and get the crew into ship shape! Yarr!”

“Yes, Si- Captain!” The first mate marched off, shouting orders to the crew. Soon enough, they had set sail to travel the high seas.

“I see land!” shouted McRiley.

“LAAAAAAAND HOOOOOO!” bellowed the Captain. “Bear the ship to starboard side! We be landing and searching the island for our treasure!”

“Yes, Captain!”

As they neared the island, the Captain released another holler. “Drop the anchor! Lower the longboats! We will be rich!”

The two rowed ashore and, as soon as the rowboat grounded, the captain leapt out and struck a dramatic pose. He pulled out his map and looked at it intently, trying to match the landmarks on the map with what he could see.

“We go thataway!”

They marched around the island, following the map whilst avoiding the many dangers on the wild, untamed island. When they had almost reached their destination – at the entrance to a cave – a smug voice called out to them.

“So, you came after all?”

“We will be the richest pirates in the world!” McRiley declared to the cloaked figure crouching on the rocks above.

“I recognise yer voice! Yer the one who gave me the map, aren’t ya?!”

“I am indeed. And you are either brave or incredibly naive to have come here! But since you are one of those and you are here, I shall make you the same offer I make to all would-be thieves of my treasure.”

“What’s nai-”

“What is your offer?” the Captain growled.

“If you and your crew can defeat me, you get all my treasure. If I beat you, I get all your treasure.”

“What’s the catch?!”

“There is no catch,” the stranger declared – leaping from the rocks above and landing with a resounding thud before the pirates. The being straightened up, towering over the pint-sized pirates. The figure then let their cloak fall to the ground.

Technicoloured feathered wings rustling in the air. Two tails, one swishing back and forth almost like an artist’s brush. Massive eyes that conveyed years of knowledge and experience beyond anything the pirates had. And a soft, round – almost dog-like – face ready to deliver its brand of justice upon criminals.

“It’s a giant monster!” wailed the first mate.

“Oh, I guess you could call me that,” the being haughtily stated, “Or you could call me the Pirate Queen. But scholars would call me a dragon.”

“Run for your lives!” McRiley turned around, only to be stopped by the Captain.

“Now’s not the time McRiley. I need you for this fight.” The two’s eye locked. “Every captain needs their first mate.”

“Do you mean it?”

“Yes, McRiley.” The Captain looked to the giant creature looming above them. “I accept your offer dragon.”

“Very well. Do not hold back; neither shall I.” She paced backwards several meters, preparing for the battle ahead.”

“Ready?” the Captain turned to McRiley.




Both parties ran at each other, prepared for the fight of a lifetime.

“Oi, ye salty sea dogs! Lunch is ready! Don’t want to get scurvy, do you?”

The fighting halted and all the combatants looked towards the cave.

The dragon pulled off her mask and turned to the pirates. “You heard the Pirate King! John, Riley, remember to wash your hands before you take a seat at the table.”

“Can we carry on after lunch?”

“What’s scurvy?”

“Yes, I’m sure we can.”

“Yay, thanks mom!” The two pirates sprinted into the house, while the great Pirate Queen followed them at a more measured pace.


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