This is a poem I did for EmmaThePaintDragon as a trade.

136 words

The great blue, deep and vast.
In it, I drift without a mast.
I care not where the currents take me,
Content wherever I may be.

Come storm and thunder,
Dark clouds that herald the storm.
I will weather them even if I blunder,
Until the waters return to a calmer form.

Come blue skies, no cloud in sight,
The water a surface polished to perfection.
Gently I dance, alongside my partner, full of delight,
Joined in this carefree display by my own reflection.

Bobbing up and down on each wave.
Currents carrying me wherever they crave.
Soaring above the depths, I need not fear a watery grave.

Floating free, without a single care.
Immeasurable openness wherever I might stare.
I need not fear what might lie beyond,
For my great blue is no small pond.


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