A collection of prompts done in Writing Club sessions. We are generally given 5 minutes to write whatever comes to mind after being given a prompt.

Picture Prompt

At first I missed the soft sound, school books and stationary littering my desk as I punched values into my calculator.
I turn around, at first confused as to the source of the disquiet.
Upon seeing the growing web of lines, the confusion transformed to excitement, as the tiny beak burst through the shell.
There I stood over the stick-and-leaf filled incubator as a new life entered the world.

Music prompt – Music by Sleeping at Last

I sat there, merely one of the audience members. The performance before me unfolding as it had a hundred times before in rehearsals. The display, as brilliant as it may be, was not what I was here for. It was her.

The night before the wedding, a sassy nun makes a deal with the devil
Text prompt

“How come she gets to marry him? I’m the best! He should have chosen me!”

“I can make your dreams come true.” With a plume of red smoke, a horned man appeared, “I can make him marry you.”

“You could? Please! I’ll do anything.”

“You have a deal.”

Wings of Piano
Music prompt – Musik by Deemo V.K.

High above the earth, diving in and out of clouds – I flew. One with the sky, I performed aerobatics that I had long dreamed of. The dream was now a reality viagra o similares. My wings burning with the ecstatic pain of freedom, I expended my centuries’ of energy. The music of my mind perfectly matched my dance in the sky.

But the joy was brought to an abrupt end as the net, unseen by me until too late, entangled me once more.

Snowy Road
Picture prompt

“I’m going to beat you!”  The boy yelled; a blur upon a small toboggan. He was closely followed by a giggling blur, crying “No you won’t!”

Jumping out of the way, the white-haired man chucked and stared wistfully after them. Slowly the sounds of laughter and sliding snow faded away – as did his smile, as the snow once again blanked out the world.

Once upon a time he couldn’t wait to get rid of the noise and constant need for attention. Now that he no longer had it, he realised how much he truly missed it. He’d learnt too late that it is best to appreciate the now rather than to impatiently wait for the future. Now he could only wish for what once was.

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