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“Convoy Sighted. This is a pretty big convoy, Tech. I see three trucks and five escorts heading our way on Stag Road.”

“Oh goody, must be important.” A reverberating electronic laugh sounded next to Scope, sending a shiver down his spine. He pitied the guards who were soon going to have the opportunity to ‘meet’ Techtor. The ARC must surely have a large staff turnover rate.

“They’re using Faraday cages to stop me from reaching inside the trailers from here,” Techtor spoke again, “but I’ve corrupted all the communication systems in the truck cabins. They can no longer communicate with anyone, but their all-clear signals are still being transmitted… Until they manually disable them. Stop all the trucks you can, and keep the rest busy for me. I am going to cut into the trailers one by one until I find what I want.”

“They look pretty heavily armoured. If I launch some high-yield shaped charges in their path, I should be able to flip some of them. No guaranteeing the insides will be in one piece, though.”

“That won’t work. While I’m going to slice up everything else in sight, what I need is too delicate for that. Will you be able to summon a sniper rifle that can take out the drivers? Or… No, the engine blocks have armour plating that will be stronger than reinforced glass.”

“You doubt the weapons I can summon?! Of course I can take them out. You don’t need anything from the cabins, do you?”

“No, I don’t. Just get it done fast. I’ll search the back one first. Our comms will have little to no connection once I’m inside.”

“Yeah, yeah, I’ve got your back.” Scope summoned an unwieldy rifle and took aim, while Techtor readied to launch himself into the air.

In unison, a bullet was fired from Scope’s gun and Techtor shot into the air like a massive titanium projectile. The escort vehicles had barely begun to slam their brakes before the front truck’s cabin had a hole shredded through it and the back truck had been sliced free of its payload. While Scope took aim at the second truck, which made a futile attempt to swerve off the main road and into a side road, Techtor vanished into the third semi-trailer.

Scope unsummoned his current rifle, and replaced it with a weapon more apt for dealing with the security force pouring out the escort vehicles. Gunfire started spraying in Scope’s general direction, they were trying to keep him pinned. He stayed up just long enough to see a couple teams running towards the trailer that Techtor had entered, toting some large devices between themselves. If his brother had been able to answer, he would have asked what they were, but he guessed that they were some sort of explosive devices meant to blow Techtor up before he could finish his search.

Summoning a small pile of grenades, Scope began pulling the pins, then lobbing them in the general direction of the convoy. The humans shouted and dashed around as satisfyingly regular explosions sounded. Scope took this opportunity to peer out of his cover and begin firing at the humans again. He prioritised the two teams moving on Techtor, shooting their devices before they managed to get them to the gaping hole in the semi-trailer.

Soon, however, he was forced back into cover. Lifting his noise-cancelling headphones for a few moments, he listened briefly to the symphony of gunfire and smirked. He heard some new instruments in the orchestra, some toys for him once he was done. Flicking out his tongue, he smelt carbon scoring on the concrete behind which he hid. Experimental energy weapons. Delicious.

“I’m not going to do much of the shooting just sitting here…” Scope muttered to no one in particular.

In a grey blur, he was soaring from the top of one building to the next, spewing fire at the insects below. Many fell, but a few scored hits on him. He would heal. They wouldn’t. Scope took cover on top of another building, then tossed another volley of grenades at them and sprayed gunfire at them before they could retaliate.

Sirens could be heard in the distance. The police would be here soon to provide backup. Scope did not fancy the prospect of being shot at from all sides.

“It’s here.” Techtor’s voice crackled through Scope’s headphones. “Let’s finish them off so that they don’t shoot my stuff. We best hurry, the police will be here in 3 minutes and 34 seconds.” Techtor emerged from the truck, igniting his blades and dashing into the fray. Scope took advantage of the fact that the humans had now all turned to face Techtor – or turned to flee – and began picking them off from his vantage point.

“That’s the last of them,” Scope confirmed. Techtor briefly went back inside the truck, while Scope lazily tossed explosives at the other two. Techtor returned with the bags he had brought there, slung over his back and now full of equipment. “Hey, Tech, grab me one of those energy guns before you leave. I want a new toy too.”

“Sure. I’d like to inspect them too, they drained my shields pretty quick.”

“Did you see those devices I shot?”

“Yeah, I see them. You messed them up pretty bad, but my guess is they were EMPs. Let us be off now.”

The sirens were very near to the battle scene now, but it was already too late – the brothers fled as fast as they had pounced on the convoy. Oh yes, the primates were getting smarter – but they were not smart enough.



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