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Welcome to Dragon Press, Greatmar2’s personal writing website. Beware, here be dragons.

This is the creative writing blog belonging to Greatmar2. The writing pieces here are mostly in the fantasy genre.

There are four main groups of stories here:
Elonth, a fictional world similar to Earth in which Mar Sterkvleuel’s and Irikshan Kennisoeker’s stories take place. These are two sequential stories with numbered chapters.
Atomicproof and Layers are fictional worlds in which ElektronX’s characters exist. These stories are mostly non-sequential but feature the same groups of characters.
Topical pieces exist in someone else’s fictional world but are usually once-off stories.
Finally, Prompt pieces are standalone stories inspired by an image, phrase or idea.

All images used on this site are either created for me, used under an attribution licence or provided by the person for whom the writing piece was created. Most images are attributed on the pages in which they are used.

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