A year ago, the city of Pineland was invaded by many aggressive class 2 mutants. Their attempts at coordinating an extermination and protecting civilians unsuccessful, the military had to facilitate an evacuation and has since declared the area off-limits. Facing increasing military and ARC resistance in their usual operating area of Hessemer Creek and Stagg City, Techtor decides the two should range further in order to scavenge some supplies.


My part of an art trade with ElektronX.


2151 words

Clanging metallic footsteps sounded down the concrete sidewalk of Pearson Street. While not extraordinarily loud, the sound hung in the still air of the empty streets. Abandoned office buildings, stores and other places of business lined the streets. Signs of decay and neglect were clear, but the place was not yet a crumbling ruin after a mere year.

Two four-legged figures marched at a steady pace, taking their time to investigate anything that caught their interest. They were scavengers – hoping to find abandoned treasures that had been passed over by others like them.

Turning onto the 17th, the two came to a halt. Huge messes of cables spanned from the tops of skyscrapers to the asphalt below like a vast nervous system spanning the central city. A mesh of wires at street-level effectively communicated a dire portent to any trespassers.

“It looks kinda like a spider’s web. A spider that spins webs of metal. Fun.”

“You said nothing about spiders,” the grey scavenger backed away.

“The papers and reports spoke of a myriad of small and deadly lesser mutants,” responded the other. “Chances there’d be some spiders among them.”

“Small and deadly mutant spiders!”

“Yeah, and we’re big and deadly mutant lizards. You’ll be fine.”

“I hope they eat you first.”

With a sigh, the robot stepped towards the metal webbing and lifted an arm.

Teeeech,” the grey one whined, “don’t do it.”


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