Renat Emlyn – Crisis: Mars!

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Name: Renat Emlyn

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Equipment: Nothing particularly special – he carries a backpack with assorted items such as a several credit chips, his personal tablet device that he uses for almost everything and other equipment almost any middle-class civilian could get hold of hold of.

Ability: ElementalThe ability to bond with matter and manipulate it – “Matter absorption and manipulation”
Abilities Strengths: Renat can decide that matter which he is touching is now defined as part of his body and manipulate it how he wishes. If he wishes to dispose of matter, he can merely decide that the matter is no longer part of him. It will remain in whatever shape and form it was when he disconnected from it. For example, he could pick up a rock, form it into a bracer bonded to his arm, then cause it to fall off.
Abilities Weaknesses: As he grows more skilled, Renat will gain finer control of the matter he has absorbed and become able to control more matter at once. However, currently he is not very skilled in its use. He also cannot absorb or create living matter. While he can make minor changes to form of his body, he cannot regenerate it or take matter from another person or animal – he will recover from an injury at the same pace an ordinary human will, though he can temporarily cover over a wound with another material so that it is not left open. The longer matter remains bonded to him, the harder it is for him to get rid of it.

Personal Skills: Renat is still a teenager and has not had as much life experience as an adult would have. He was an above average student at school, but still not one of the top. He has a decent skill with computers (though, who doesn’t with them literally everywhere in the 23rd century?) and a natural artistic skill. He is patient and likes to try understand the world and people around him, thinking it will help him improve his art. He also has a good general knowledge and strong imagination, both partially due to his love of reading.

He is very close to his family and will do whatever he can to make sure they do not get hurt. This can be regarded as a strength or weakness.

Personal Weaknesses: Renat has had limited experience of the world, meaning that – while he is still open to learning new things – he does not know how to respond to some situations or to do in certain environments. His interactions with other people can influence him a lot if he trusts and/or admires the person. Sometimes he can be a bit distant or zone out when he is focusing on thinking about something else too much.

The Emlyn family has been on Mars for 12 decades. They originally arrived on Mars seeking wealth, Gregory Emlyn’s business on Earth having become bankrupt due to shifts in the economic environment. They established the Em-Corps which was profitable enough to keep the family from dropping below ‘middle class’ but neither was it a booming success. Since Renat’s grandfather, the family has aimed to return to Earth, stories of the biodomes full of perfect flora and fauna where the rich dwell sounding far more enticing than the harsh and red Mars.

Renat is close to his family which consists of his father Timon, mother Gabrielle, younger brother Walter and younger sister Olivia. The children grew up with some of their favourite stories being about Earth. The family is still determined to find some way back to Earth, despite that it might not be as fantastical as stories tell.

Renat hasn’t had a very social life, only having a few close friends at a time throughout his school career. He could often be found alone in a corner reading, whether an electronic book or a family heirloom – some books preserved before paper became almost completely outdated. He did well in school, though never becoming the top in the grade – always being a little below the top 10 students that were announced.

Renat does not know when he got his powers, he only discovered that he had any a week ago. He presumes that he first got them around a month ago, when the first reports of ‘superpowered’ people started coming in. He discovered them when he was fiddling with a puzzle ring that is supposed to fit into one ring. He closed his eye, picturing how the three rings could come together. A tingling on his palm caused him to open his eyes, upon which he saw the rings had fused with his skin and had begun to combine into one seamless ring. After some panic, he figured out what had happened and managed to put the partially-combined rings back on the table.

He has told his parents about his power, but not his siblings. They have done their best to support him, but he has since been spending a lot more time away from home, feeling that if he spent too long with his family he would be putting them in unnecessary danger. He has occupied his time exploring the city more than he had done so previously, while avoiding touching things where possible so that no accidents would happen and he would not draw attention to himself because of those.

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