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This piece is a collab between @a-random-commenter and I. We each took a turn writing a few paragraphs, letting the story flow without preplanning it. Enjoy the unsolved mystery. :P Sunbeams trickled through a gap in the curtains, reaching into … Continued

Mar Sterkvleuel

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A character in the world Elonth. Featured image: Mar Flying by @elektronx, Mar Sticker by @emmathepaintdragon and Mar Reference made with PidgePudge’s Create-a-Dragon flash. Read Mar’s Story: Practice Makes Perfect Age: 34 Gender: Male Height: 1m – taller than average Appearance: Being … Continued

The Destroyer

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Lol, it has been ages since I wrote something for myself that isn’t my book. But I put a little spin on my original idea, writing it how I imagine a member of one of my book’s fictional civilisations might. … Continued

Two Suns

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A short prompt piece from Writing Club. Uploading as an example for Short Prompt commissions. I stood there, watching the sky as the sun set. They’re going to make it, I told myself, knowing that I was lying. Their voices, … Continued


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This is a multi-verse haiku I wrote for a poem competition run by the school library in 2014. Uploading this as an example of poetry for my commission info. Running through the trees They pursued us rapidly Crashing through the … Continued

Collection of prompts

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A collection of prompts done in Writing Club sessions. We are generally given 5 minutes to write whatever comes to mind after being given a prompt. Chick Picture Prompt Tap-tap-tap At first I missed the soft sound, school books and … Continued

The Fish

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They always tell me to leave the fish alone. Well, I say pah! They just want the fish all to themselves. They’ve always kept that lid on top of the tank, but now it’s off and they’re out of the … Continued


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Born into an ocean of misty cold Drifting across the currents My voyage takes me. The clouds part, Revealing the vast world below Downwards, I glide. The end of my journey nears, My destiny no matter how long I fight, It is … Continued