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“Another incident on Mars today when-“”…U.S.F Confirms another incident-“”Announced five missing, presumed dead-“”We simply have more questions than answers at this time-“”… No official comment on the issue-“”… Man who can breathe fire.”
“I can’t believe it. Those bastards did it.”The Year is 2300, with 27 decades worth of colonists on the Red Planet Mars. Once inhospitable thanks to, rudementary, terraforming techniques now a inhabitable and severly profitable red planet. However after roughly one hundred and seventy years of nothing but building and mining, something strange has happened. People have began to perform amazing feats only one month ago. Create fire seemingly from thin air, read minds, create illusions and so many more abilities seem to exist. The problem is not everyone can control it, and with the loss of innocent life the United planets Security Force has stepped in to take control of the incident. Now Aire is on lock down, nobody in nobody out except members of the U.S.F and powered people are being hunted down.

It’s time for answers, why is this happening? Why to only certain people?

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