Welcome to the ever-growing list of any and all authors that made dragon-related content! Here you can find any and all authors that couldn’t make it onto the main Authors page. If you know an author that should be here but isn’t, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Hydrael is a Reddit serial writer, mainly known for his Small Worlds series. Starting off from a simple writing prompt, Hydrael expands it into a full world, usually with fantastical elements.

Dragon’s Scion takes place in a world invaded by beings from beyond the sky. Tythel is the last remaining heir to the throne, saved by having been raised by the dragon Karjon. Now she’s out to take back control of her lands.

Length: Each part is within 1 000 – 2 000 words. The entire series is a trilogy: the first book is finished and consists of 64 parts, and the second book is currently ongoing.

Osmium is a writer from DeviantArt, whose work focuses around his character, the Osmium Dragon, his origin, as well as the multiverse he travels, featuring characters from other DeviantArt artists.

Length: Each chapter is usually around 4 000 words, and each ‘Book’ consists of 13 chapters. Note that this division is more or less arbitrary, and the story-line is continuous.

As of writing this, Osmium’s story is on a hiatus after a total of 33 chapters.